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Doing Well by Doing Good 

Established in 2008, InnoCSR Group is a Global Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy Consulting Firm with expertise in Asian Countries. We have been working with MNCs, Governments, and Global NGOs from different countries. 

Impact Technology is InnoCSR's new initiative to find and transfer technologies that creates positive social, environmental, and financial impact. Now, InnoCSR is taking actual ACTIONS to create POSITIVE IMPACT, moving beyond consulting services.  

Public Announcement

This is to inform that “InnoCSR Co. Ltd” is in the process of registering a grouped project titled “Clean Bricks Production in Nepal” in Verra registry. The project uses “AMS-III.Z.: Fuel Swift, process improvement and energy efficiency in brick manufacture, Version 06.0”, methodology to calculate carbon emission reduction. The project involves manufacturing and distribution of good bricks to the general public, in Nepal.

This notice intend to apprise you about the project, to avoid any potential risk of double claiming of Scope 3 emissions under this grouped projects.

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